Slick Rock


A technical climb and honeymoon

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Slick Rock is about 1000' of climbing, or eight pitches. The standard route runs something like 5.6 or 5.7, but I like to throw in some variations that make it closer to 5.9.

If you look closely, there are three red circles indicating the positon of some climbers. They are about a full rope-length apart from one another.

I first climbed Slick Rock while I was still in high school, about 1971? Our parents had no idea what bunch of 15 and 16 year-old kids were up to.

I bought that van in about 1975, so this picture was probably from '75 or '76, which makes me about 21 at the time.

Between then and 1989, climbing gear had evolved to make this a much easier climb. But still an intimidating sight for a novice (referring to Julie).

Racked and ready.

So what do you say when your husband takes you rock climbing on your honeymoon?

When you get to the top safely, you should say "Off belay."

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