South Sister, Oregon


A backpack trip to Green Lake and a climb of Oregon's South Sister

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Mariel came to visit me in Eugene. I had frequently taken Mariel for trips to the mountains, but this one would be different. The two of us were headed for the South Sister, the glaciated volcano at the left of this picture.

I had vague memories of climbing this peak when I was 14 (see page 5). But on this day, Mariel was only 6.

We hiked into Green Lake.
And stopped along the way for photos and fun.

We got there in time for a swim, then we set up camp and went to bed early.

Laying in her sleeping bag out on the ground, Mariel was enthralled when a chipmunk came up and ate out of her hand.

The next morning we rose before dawn and immediately started climbing. Near the lake at the bottom of the Lewis Glacier, we took a breakfast break.

Working our way towards the summit, Mariel shed a few tears. But she plugged away to the summit under her own steam. On top, she deservedly beamed with pride at hearing the remarks of admiration from others on the summit.

This is the view as we headed back down.

We scree-skied down the mountain past Moraine Lake, where we had a very cold swim. Then we hiked back to the car. After her long day, Mariel slept the entire way home.

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