We moved to Wisconsin in 1990. Then Jasmine was born in 1993, and we moved back to Idaho in 1994. Back in the day, I rarely carried a camera- those 35mm SLRs were simply too big. But I did make exceptions.

1995 Bench Lakes Julie and Jasmine
  Mores Mountain Julie and Jasmine
1996 Black's Creek Summit Carl, Julie, and Jasmine
  Grandjean Jim and Joan; Julie, and Jasmine
1997 Three Point Mountain Julie and Jasmine
  Granite Mountain Richard and Jasmine
  Upper Hazard Lake Richard, Mariel, Julie, and Jasmine
  Boulder Lake Jasmine; Tom and Mackenzie
  Trinitys Jasmine
  Mt. Borah Gordy and Bob
  Storm Peak Richard
  Sheep Creek Harry and Caroline; Jasmine
1998 Cache Peak skiing Dave
  Mt. McGowan Julie
  Whitehawk Mountain Julie and Jasmine
  Granite Mountain Richard and Shelley; Tom, Susan, Chris and buddies, and Mackenzie; Julie and Jasmine
  Buckhorn Mountain Lake Richard, Art, and Tom
  Seven Devils Richard and Jasmine
  Swan Falls Jasmine
1999 Mt. Borah Julie
  South Sister Richard and Mariel
  Squaw Creek Richard and Shelley; Julie and Jasmine
  Danskins Tom and Natalie; Jasmine
  Enos Lake Richard and Tom
  Honeycombs Tom and Natalie; Jasmine

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