Whitehawk Mountain


Sitting above and north of Lowman, Whitehawk Mountain has a lookout and a road to the top- but we walked it.

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We were really trying to climb Red Mountain, but that road was closed. And John hadn't checked.

So instead, we drove over the pass towards Bear Valley. Leaving the road, we found a secluded spot to car camp.

After setting up camp, we stalked elk for a while. Then came libations.

The next morning was quite cold. We sat in the sun with our blankies. This one was a birth present from our good friend Allison, who would be thrilled to know Jasmine still has it (note the tatters).

We hiked up the road, then bushwhacked up through some snow fields. The summit, however, was bare and dry. Jasmine claimed it for her own.

No, your computer is not falling off the desk. Jasmine took this, and we couldn't see any reason to alter the masterwork of a 5-year old.


Then it was time to head back to the truck. Bear Valley is about 1000' below us.


The next day we drove out through Cape Horn, spotting these sandhill cranes just off the road. We used to see these in Wisconsin, and had no idea they liked Idaho's high country.

But then again, who wouldn't?

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