South Sister, OR


A gathering of the Platt clan gets almost everyone up the South Sister, a giant volcano in Oregon

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Richard had been inspired doing this climb with John and Mariel in 1999. This outing was born from that inspiration. It turned out to be a massive undertaking to organize and gather four branches of our family for a reunion on the mountain.

Then Richard came down with some weird sort of rheumatoid arthritis, and could barely walk. While everyone else left for a night on the route to shorten the summit day for the kids, Richard stayed at Devil's Lake. The next morning, Nathan, considered too young for the climb, stayed at high camp with David. The rest of us camped on the mountain took off, not knowing if Richard would be able to get under way.


Communicating via radio from further up the mountain that morning, Shelley heard from Richard that he was moving slowly and heading our way.

Our group alternately enjoyed and struggled up the mountain. Shelley waited for Richard, and the rest of the group proceeded to the wind shelters on the crater rim of this dormant volcano.

Richard was in pain, but he and Shelley weren't too far behind. Soon we were all on top for summit photos, this one of Richard's available kids and grandkids.


Richard tagged the top. Then the whole group posed for a picture on the south rim before the descent.

On the way down, Cathleen tagged her husband David and collected Nathan. Then David ran up to the top solo.

Afterward, we all gathered at Devil's Lake campground for Aunt Susan's stew and assorted other libations.

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