Steele Mountain


A training climb for the South sister, Steel Mountain is a worthwhile climb on its own

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This was a training climb for our South Sister family reunion. John knew climbing the South would be a challenge for Jasmine, so this climb was part of a lot of preparation.

We left Boise and drove up Phifer Creek the previous afternoon and camped right next to the road at about 6,500'.

The entire climb was a bushwhack, but not too bad after an initial forested area.

Higher on the mountain, the going follows sage hills and a little bit of very easy scrambling. Towards the top, it opens up even more with a surprise view of the old north-trending glacial cirque under the peak.
The view from the summit, as usual, was awesome. This looks down into the glacial cirque.

This was an altitude record for Jasmine.

We chose to do a direttissima buchwhack. It was very steep, and a full 3000' back to the road.

After the climb and dusty descent, we went swimming in Anderson Ranch reservoir.

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