Mount Adams, WA


We get stormed off Mount Adams, Washington.

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It was the annual Tom's Birthday expedition. We drove over the day before in mixed weather. While we ate pizza in Trout Lake, we watched the summit peek in and out of the clouds.

The road was closed with snow about 5 miles short of the parking lot. We camped, and got off sorta late all things considered, at about 5am. It was high overcast when we finally got our first glimpse of the peak.


As we broke out of the trees, we hooked up with two folks from Washington. Our merry band continued up the mountain.

As we booted-up above the Crescent Glacier, it was actually getting sunny. But the wind was picking up....


Tom and John were setting a solid pace and moving ahead of the group. When they stopped to wait, Tom had to batten the hatches.

Note the top of St. Helens is obscured by a descending cloud layer. Also note the wonderful wands waving wildly in the whipping wind (alliteration).


Not long after our brief stint of sunshine, the summit disappeared. We kept plugging away up to the Lunch Shelf at 9000'.


The stone wind breaks told us we were at the Lunch Shelf. Otherwise, you really couldn't see much. It was late, about 11am, and it seemed as if the weather was worsening. The visibility was definitely diminishing.

We pulled our skins off and got ready to descend.


Skiing in the white-out was weird. The light was so flat there was absolutely no depth perception. Often, you could not tell you were moving unless you hit something. The conditions gave Todd a whopping case of vertigo. Right when we needed to move fast, Todd couldn't even stand up.

We eventually made it back to the car. After a couple beers, Tom and John went back to find Todd. He did finally show up, still feeling ill. So we drank his beers, too.


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