Alice-Twin-Toxaway Lakes loop


This classic Sawtooth backpack trip never disappoints. 3 days.

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Although Jasmine had been on overnight camping trips before, and even backpacking trips, this was the first time she carried all her own gear. Clothes, sleeping bag, and toys- it was all on her own back. Not bad for an 8-year-old.

This loop is around 18-20 miles, and we spread that over three days. On the first day we walked from Petit Lake to Alice Lake. On the way we saw El Capitan.

A week later, Jasmine won a photo contest in the Idaho Statesman by recognizing this peak on the back page of the paper while her dad was having his coffee.

Usually one doesn't attempt the high country of the Sawtooths until the 4th of July. We were there early, and there was plenty of snow.

The water was very cold, but we did go for a short dip. Very short.

That evening, John figured out how to do a fill-in flash.

The next morning, Jasmine explored the area with the camera while Dad packed up.

The high point of our hike, both literally and figuratively, was the pass above Twin Lakes.

Jasmine did not like the dropoff.

After a long descent down the north side of the pass, sometimes in deep snow, it was nice to hit some dry ground. We waded, but it was too cold for anything more. We enjoyed a long lunch in the sun. Then we hiked to the far end of Toxaway Lake to shorten our last day.

The next day we rose very early and hit the trail. We got back to the truck at about 10am, and headed home.

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