Black Cliffs hike


A short but scenic walk just outside Boise, this hike traverses a popular rock-climbing area

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This is another of our short hikes close to home. We went out to the Black Cliffs, a local rock climbing spot.

It wasn't terribly warm, so we had the place to ourselves.

The basalt columns range in height from about 30 feet to almost 80.

We don't know what made this hole, but it's pretty deep or Jasmine would be easier to see.

Jasmine found the whole concept of rock climbing intriguing. So that evening, we visited John's friend Tom's gym. The perspective may seem all distorted. However, the camera was normal in the photo. It's Tom that is out of whack (tee hee). Not bad for someone fast approaching his 50s. With all those muscles, it sort of looks like he's wearing one of those plastic Ninja Turtles shirts. Trailhead
Jasmine looks a lot like Tom, eh? Trailhead

To do this hike, park at the Diversion Dam pullout.

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