Sawtooth Peak


A three-generation family climb of Sawtooth Peak in the Lick Creek range

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John had climbed this peak in 2000 as part of a "Grand Tour" including Snowslide Lake, Snowslide Peak, Golden Lake, Maki Lake, and Sawtooth peak. Today would be a shorter loop to the saddle above Snowslide Lake, the summit, and the bushwhack down. That was plenty for this group.

The lake is easy to get to- it's an obvious trail of about 2 miles.

After the lake, the trail is easy to follow to the pass.

From the pass, it's a 1.5 mile long ridge walk to the summit, including some easy scrambling on beautiful white granite. Richard and Julie went ahead, eventually finding their own route as Jasmine and John navigated off John's previous experience on the ridge. When Richard and Julie got "treed" on the ridge top, John and Jasmine got to the summit first.

Another bluebird Idaho day.

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