Middle Sister, OR


Peak No. 6 of 8, No. 2 for the day

  • Day 4
  • Start 11:30am July 18
  • Elevation gain ~1,500', ~5,500' for this 24 hours
  • Summit: 10,047', 1pm
  • Team: Brian and John

After climbing and descending the North Sister earlier this morning, we had a leisurely lunch on the head of Prouty glacier. We had thoughtfully packed a water filter, and were richly rewarded by being able to reload our water bags with cold, clear water. It was hot and sunny again, and we had already been walking for six hours. At about 11:30am, and after a most pleasant rest, we took off for the summit of the Middle Sister.

True to form when on our own, we were still climbing at between 1500 and 2000 vertical feet an hour. At just before 1pm, we hit the summit. Peak number 6, and another calm and sunny summit. On the first few days of our adventure, we had spoken under our breath, not wanting to jinx our good fortune by saying it out loud. With incredulity, we were thinking out loud now, "How long can this last"? While we discussed our good fortune, we had another small lunch.

We were both feeling some fatigue at this point, and the plan was to climb yet another mountain before the day was over. At about 1:30, with a sense of foreboding, we took off for the South Sister. Our route was the north ridge, and from the summit of the Middle, it didn't look good.


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