Mt. Washington, Oregon


Peak No. 4 of 8

  • Day 3
  • Start 10:00am July 17
  • Elevation gain ~3,500'
  • Summit 7,794' 1:30pm
  • Team: Brian and John
Mt. Washington was the only pure rock climb of the week, one difficult enough that we were roped up and using protection. Actually, the climbing wasn't really difficult at all. But the threat of loose rock made us tie-in; with this climb one never knows how permanent a given hold might be. We also rappelled off the summit, so we needed a rope regardless.
We had allowed only enough time for our fastest guess at this day, so we ended up summitting quite a bit later than planned. We moved pretty fast on the descent, but we still were a couple hours late getting back to the trailhead. This was the only day we were significantly off on our predictions for time. Four peaks climbed. Another beautiful, sunny day left us wondering how many of those you could get in the Northwest.

Would we get another one tomorrow on the North Sister?

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