Box Lake and Point 8302


A snowy hike to right above Box Lake- the hillside down to the lake was too snowy to hike down the hill.

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After a great breakfast at the Pancake House in McCall, we met Richard and Sasha in the parking lot and proceeded up Lick Creek Road.

It was a cool and pleasant morning as we departed the trailhead. Here, Cindy and Dave get warmed up on the trail. In this area it's always steep, right from the car.

Family shot, except missing one dog.

As we gained altitude the snow became more plentiful until the ground was fully covered. However, in June the snow makes things warmer when the sun is out, and we were soon down to shirt sleeves and shorts.

Box Lake was fully frozen over, so we did not descend to the lake. However, Richard and John did run up the ridge to the east, climbing about 700' higher to Point 8302. The peak offered a great view of the straight-away on Lick Creek Road, just prior to the Lake 33 trailhead. Also a great view of Pot Lake.

This is Jasmine's favorite part of hiking: glissading.

Can you tell that Cindy was a high-ranking PNSA ski racer?

For a 7-year-old this was quite a hike. Lucas did it with a smile.

And for 10-year-old Jasmine, the old pro, it was "the best hike ever."

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