Mount Hyndman


A winter-conditions climb in the Pioneers of Hyndman Peak, but no summit

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We drove to the trailhead from Boise at about 5pm, leaving a bit later than planned. As we approached on the East Fork road, shadows were already getting long. Coming around the corner, we had our first close-up view of Hyndman (in the middle). There was also a bit more snow than we had anticipated.

After a backpack into the valley (our first for the season) we got a short night of sleep. We woke at 3am, ate, and were underway by 4am under a full moon.

Initially, the snow was somewhat soft and John was regretting not bringing snowshoes. But as we got higher, the snow firmed up nicely. Here the girls approach the yurt.

As the sun came up, the temperature was going down. It was about 20-25 degrees, and the wind was blowing, necessitating that we keep moving. We eagerly looked forward to the sun's warming rays.

In the background, the saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman is visible.

The sun finally got up, but it was still cold, leaving the snow very firm. As the snow got steeper, we put on crampons.

At about 8am we made the saddle, which lies at about 10,700'. It was cold and blustery. We were feeling pretty good, and the hour was early, but Jasmine's boots were not up to the task of side-hilling up the ridge in crampons for 1300'.

We regretfully turned around and headed back down.

As the morning wore on, the snow stayed in excellent condition. At the mouth to the upper valley, we had a luxurious lunch before the long walk back to the car.

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