Red Mountain


There used to be a lookout on Red Mountain because it overlooks the upper Payette drainage to the Sawtooths

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Last night, we had Mariel come over and stay the night. The strategy was to keep her from harm's way so she wouldn't suffer the way she did on our Wolf Mountain hike.

Our scheme only partially worked; while Mariel seemed to feel much better today, she still slept through the entire drive to the trailhead.

Nevertheless, we made it to the trailhead by 9:30 and were soon underway in a cloud of moths (?).

Along the way, both driving and hiking, we saw lots of wildlife (well, Mariel slept through the elk and deer on the highway).

One special treat was this grouse in full colors, exhibiting for the ladies.

Under cloudy, smoky skies we made it to the summit of Red Mountain, the rocky promontory to the right of the picture. This was once a lookout, and the old concrete foundation still sits on the summit.

Just north and east of the summit we saw four lakes.

The uppermost lake sits nestled in a rocky tarn. There is a smaller lake underneath the left edge of the tarn.

Originally we had planned to descend through the lake basin and walk around the mountain. However, the weather was looking a little grim and Jasmine has had too much experience bushwhacking with her Dad to go along peacefully with such a plan.

As it turned out, this was a good call. While we did not see the predicted thunderstorms materialize, it did rain intermittently on us during our descent.

Instead or the "grand tour" of the lake basin, we went to the old lookout and had lunch.

Dad was in heaven having a gourmet picnic with all his girls.

We laughed and joked and made so much noise we scared off all the animals. Check out Jasmine!

And if that isn't scary enough, check this picture out.

Apparently, goofiness is genetic.

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