Snowslide Peak


The Lick Creek road is usually not open far enough to drive to the trailhead, but we climb often Snowslide Peak on about the first of June.

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We had agreed to meet at the trailhead at 8:30, but neither of our groups made it on time. Actually, none of us made it to the trailhead in our cars: there was too much snow and we had to walk the last quarter mile.

Art and Carol started about 20 minutes after Julie, Jasmine, John, and Richard. But 10-year-old Jasmine doesn't go up hill real fast, and Art and Carol soon caught up.

As the "trail" to Golden Lake gains altitude, the views are outstanding. Slick Rock, a 1000' granite slab, is just down the road from the trailhead.

After a lunch at Golden Lake, our party climbed to the south ridge of Snowslide Peak.

Skis, anyone?

We were soon clambering on the summit rocks. We discussed how Art and a friend had climbed the precipitous face when he was young and foolish. He's not young anymore, tho.

Art and Carol share a moment of bliss on the summit. Sawtooth Peak is in the immediate background.

Julie and Jasmine smiling on the ridge during the descent. Jasmine wants to name the little peak after our family.
Although there was lots of snow, it wasn't really good sliding. Here Jasmine invents a new method of gaining velocity, while Art runs for his life, and Sasha bites Julie.

Jasmine took a nasty tumble on the way down. There is sort of a trail, but it is steep, loose, and ill-defined. She went end-for-end and landed in a pile of rocks. But she's a tough cookie.

The good part is that she can now guilt-trip her Dad whenever she doesn't want to do something.

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