Cervidae Peak


A great training hike near Boise, the scenery on Cervidae Peak makes this hike worthwhile anytime.

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Dylan and Mariel (or is it Mariel and Dylan...?) met me at around 8 and we drove through a dense fog toward Lucky Peak. As we crested the dam, we were above the much and into glorious sunshine. We were soon at the trailhead and out enjoying it.

I had a hard time believing that I was seeing pronghorn. If I was 10 miles south, it would have been normal. But we were north of the reservoir. Apparently they crossed at low water.

It's about a two hour climb. It was great to be out with my girl and hear how life was treating her. Here we are on the summit... that sun is bright!

Ida, my granddaughter, quickly found a comfortable place to lay down. She was pooped, but she had made her first mountain. I suggested her full name might be "Ida Named Her Summit if Ida Known She Liked to Climb"

Dylan took pity on Ida and carried her back to the car.

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