Horton Peak


A hike to the lookout on top of Horton Peak and an awesome view of the Stanley Valley, and especially Castle Peak.

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After climbing Rock Roll Peak yesterday, we spent the night on Galena Summit in Moby, Bob's big white van. At 4am, my watch said it was 5.8 degrees. Brrrrr.

We got going early, but the camera battery was frozen, so these pictures are out of order. This one of the trailhead and peak was taken as we drove off after our climb, later that day.

This picture is on the actual ascent. Notice the shadows. It was absolutely still, making it seem fairly warm in the sun.

But the trail goes around the left (North) side of the ridge, where the cold was quite obvious to the two of us.

The views from the summit are simply outstanding. I can't think of another peak that gives such great panoramas of so many of Idaho's magnificent mountains: Sawtooths, White Clouds, Boulders, Smokies, etc.

This is the Queen of the White Clouds, Castle Peak.

This is a view of the Boulder Range, with a little red line right above Galena Peak. Jasmine, Julie and I climbed Galena this Spring.

The summit of Horton is capped by an old lookout. We got to the top at about 11:30 and sat on the sunny side where we had a lengthy discussion about what everyone else in the world was probably doing on a Sunday morning: watching football? raking leaves?

We felt smarter than a pair of Smartwool socks.

Did I mention that this peak gives great views of the Sawtooths?
Those in the know will recognize the dark spire just below the horizon, dead center in this picture- it's the Finger of Fate.

Alturas Lake is one of the many big lakes in the Stanley Valley. You can tell by its mirrored surface that there wasn't much wind.

It's really too bad that there wasn't good skiing...but we made the most of it, with grins on our faces.

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