Rock Roll Peak


A big mountain just outside Sun Valley, Rock Roll peak offers easy access.

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Bob has a huge 4-wheel van with a pop top for camping. I've decided it should be christened "Moby" and he "Ahab" for his pursuit of the Great White. Unfortunately, there was a dearth of snow for late November, so Ahab set his sights on bagging a peak instead of snowboarding.

Mountains are mountains, after all, and we needed a dose.

We followed an old mine road, that turned into a trail. Then the trail got into the snow. We used snowshoes for a while, but the terrain became too steep. The postholes weren't too deep.

The trail crossed a pass and went on the east side of the summit ridge. Followed long enough, this trail eventually finds itself near Trail Creek Summit. We took a left off the trail and headed up this subsidiary ridge. Rock Roll indeed.

As we got closer to 10,000' the ridge became more fully snow-covered. The road in the bottom of the valley is Trail Creek.

During our steady ascent, we had been watching snow plumes flying off the summit ridge. I feared being blown to the heavens. We "battened the hatches" and marched onward in fairly solid snow (only plunging through when there were trees beneath the surface).

The wind wasn't too bad, and the sun was out. This peak offers a wonderful view of the Pioneers and Boulders. We summited about 2:30.
The Pioneers were under some cloud, but you can see Devil's Bedstead West just behind and above Bob's head.
We had gotten a late start, and it was a long way down. We took a shortcut down the west face, starting on a ridge, then following a steep snow gully. We got back to the car at about 4:45 and headed for KB's where you can get a burrito as big as your head.

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