Steele Mountain


Since it stands somewhat by itself, Steele Mountain gives great views of the Trinity Mountains and the Sawtooths.

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This trip got more interesting as it went along. First, it was my first real climb since I broke my leg. Second, Jasmine invited a friend. Third, I convinced Art to come along based on an optimistic guess at how long it would take.

Art quickly figured out that between all these variables, he was going to be very late getting home. He was unhappy with me, but then he found he had cell phone reception and called his wife- who said not to worry about it.

But that didn't speed things up any.

Surprisingly enough, I was faster than the girls (who were talking a blue streak)- thanks to aggressive use of ski poles. My arms would be sore for days after.

But it was a nice day, so who's in a hurry?

We finally gained the shoulder of the ridge, with a view of the little hidden tarn. The girls were unimpressed.

Steel is not part of the Sawtooths, but has many of the same geologic characteristics.

We did eventually make it to the summit. And it seemed quite nice.

But we turned around to lunch in a little saddle... notice the change in the color of the sky... and there was a deep rumble... we skipped lunch and moved off the summit as fast as my gimpy leg would allow.

Art found a great shortcut on the way down. And it never did really rain much.

All and all, although it was quite long, it was a great day, and Sarah's first mountain.

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