What a weird winter/early spring we had. Dry winter, wet spring. I did my longest backpack ever, and Jasmine got to visit 5 new states. Jasmine started Junior High. Then I turned 50. Yikes!

West Warrior Peak January 22-23 Todd
Rock Ridge yurt February 19-20 Art, Carol, Kelsey, Tegan, Julie, Jasmine
Mt. Hood March 6-7 Tom, Brian, and Eli
Copper Mountain March 20 Bob
Mt. Heinen March 26 Dylan, Dave, Cindy (info from 2 climbs)
Kepros Peak April 2 me
East Warrior Peak April 10 Dylan
Gladiator Peak April 15 me
Sawtooth snowshoe May 7-8 Brian
Boundary Peak, NV May 20 Bob, Gordy, and Dylan
Santa Rosa Peak, NV May 21 Dylan
Snowslide Peak May 30 Julie, Jasmine, Tom, Susan, Mackenzie, Chris, Art, Carol, George, Patty, Richard, and 8 dogs (!)
Boise to Stanley June 17-24 Art and Carol
Horton Peak June 25 Julie, Jasmine, and Shannon
Mt. Adams July 2 Tom, Susan, Chris, Mackenzie, and John, Julie, Jasmine
Patterson Peak July 8-10 John, Julie, and Jasmine
Lake Thirtythree & Fitsum Peak July 15-17 John, Julie, Jasmine, & Harry and Carolyn & Jerry
Great Bay, New Hampshire August 5 Big Tom & Abby, John & Jaz, and Herb
Mount Washington + 4 August 6 Big Tom, John
Mount Chocorua August 7 Big Tom, John
Jaz visits Wisconsin August 9-14 Jaz
Mt. Idaho August 27 John
Strawberry Mountain September 4-5 John and Jaz
Swanholm Peak September 11 John and Mariel
Lava Mountain October 1 John
Shephard & Silver Peaks October 5 John
White Knobs peaks loop October 9 Art, Dylan, and John
Slick Rock October 15 Brian and John
Nick Peak October 16 Art, Brian, and John
South Loon Mountain October 17 Brian and John
Humphreys Peak, AZ October 22 Bob and John
Bogus Basin October 30 John
Copper Mountain November 12 Bob, Lew, and John
Jumbo Mountain November 20 Dave and John
Ski Bogus to Boise December 4 Bob, Don, Carl, Gordy, and John
Mackay Pk, White Knob Mtn, and Peak 10835 December 10 Big Dan, Sean, Jeremy, and John

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