Boise to Stanley, Day One


June 17, 2005

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Thursday was a hectic day trying to get ready: equipment lists, shopping, repacking food into meal bags, and lots of discussion about our route. Yes, with only one day to go, there was still a lot of discussion. I deferred to my good friend Art, for it was his dream from high school to do this trip.

So we made plans for an early start, and at 7am got out of the truck at the unofficial trailhead to Cervidae Peak.

Great. It's raining.

We struggled into our ponchos and started up the hill. Fortunately, the soil out here does not turn to gumbo. Unfortunately, the wet spring we've had meant there was lots of brush, and while the ponchos kept our torsos dry, our boots got soaked. I determined that the only thing waterproof on my new boots was the little tag that states "WATERPROOF."

Did I mention the wind was howling?

It was a heck of an auspicious start, but we did make it to the top of Cervidae in good time, about 1:50. Not bad for full packs!

Julie, our chauffeur, bid us goodbye from the summit. We soldiered onward, following our planned route. She, on the other hand, got lost on her return to the truck. She now claims it was on purpose, and that she found a new route....

After a bit, the rain let up and it turned into a beautiful day. At first, we were bushwhacking, but then we got to the jeep track shown on the maps.

If you look closely, you can see the dirt trace running up the central ridge. It actually extends to the horizon. Art has been circled in red so you can find him in this expansive environment.

Although the hills around Boise can look brown and sere, they are actually very pretty. Here Carol walks another off-trail section near Mt. Heinen, with Arrowrock Reservoir to the left and Lucky Peak Reservoir just right of center.

After some heated debate, we decided to add to the days highlights by walking to the top of Mt. Heinen. We got there at 3:50pm.

We had two thoughts on top: two summits in one day, and boy it sure looks like a long way down to where we're supposed to camp tonight, Both thoughts were more remarkable due to our heavy packs.

We didn't get to camp until 6:30pm. We had been on the move, with full packs, for 11 1/2 hours. This turned out to be our longest day.

Even worse, the soaking our feet took (all day) took an immediate toll on our feet. Carol was wearing "trail shoes" which were too tight, even before her feet became swollen. My shoes were likewise inadequate- I had chosen to not wear my good boots because they rubbed on the fresh incisions made to remove two screws from my ankle from when I broke it a year ago.

Day 2

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