Jumbo Mountain


A late season hike and snowshoe on Jumbo Mountain gives a great perspective on the Soldier Mountains.

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I've been interested in exploring the Soldier Mountains for some time, but had never been up the South Fork of the Boise River to get a good view of them from the north. So Jumbo Mountain seemed like just the ticket.

The trail up Jumbo Creek is easy to follow at first, but after some super-steep switchbacks, it moved into the snow zone. At this point, we just followed the creek as best we could. But we were still hiking.

Once the snow got deep enough for snowshoeing, the going actually got easier. And the views, if not the elevation, were breathtaking.
After walking into a large herd of elk, we crossed their tracks many times as we cruised the summit ridge. Here Dave works on his tan.

It was hard work snowshoeing in breakable crust and powder. But we made it to the top in just over three hours.

It was about 50 degrees, and not a breath of wind. We sat down on our packs, had a long lunch, and simply stared at all the surrounding peaks.

Then it was time to head back down. The southern faces were starting to corn up, making the snowshoeing a bit slippery. But it was still a whole lot faster than going up!

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