Kepros Peak


A gem of a hike in the Boise area, Kepros Peak is my new favorite.

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It was a beautiful morning, but I was without a hiking buddy. So I went on my own, satisfying a desire I'd had for a long time: hike north from Three Point Mountain to the end of the ridge. The ending point in this case is Kepros Peak (marked in red).

After a very steep initial climb (taking less than 10 minutes if you're fast), the ridge top rolls along fairly gently. Even though the ridge rolls are gentle, almost every high point on the ridge has a shortcut trail that avoids each little summit. These traverses are excellent trails, with a substantial tread.

Near the end of the hike, you end up on the road, going downhill to a saddle. From the saddle, it's a steep 600' climb to the top.

Also notice the sharper summit off to the right- as you will see, I turned this out-and-back into a loop by going over the sharp point.

From the summit of Kepros, you get a great view. That dark pyramid below and to the right of Bogus is Cervidae Peak.
This is the view looking back at the starting point of the ridge walk. The red mark shows Three-Point Mountain, and the truck is parked below and to the east.
More summit views: Arrowrock Reservoir, and behind it, the red mark is Mt. Heinen. The snowy ridge or peak behind and to the right of that is the site of Thorn Creek Lookout.
Although I loved hiking the trail on the way out, I decided to do a loop on the way back (usually my hiking buddies will not allow me to bushwhack). So I went to the second summit, the dark hill on the left of the photo, and went down the ridge with the rock towers on it. I knew from a mountain bike excursion many years ago that there is a road at the bottom of the drainage, and I intended to hike up that road.

As you hike the old road back out of the canyon, here's what the ridge looks like from the last pass. Note that this road has been closed to motor vehicles for years, and in places is not much of a road....

Note- over the last two weeks, there has been a lot of precipitation, and as a result the trail is quite wet. It was frozen when I walked on it (but would have been goopy on the return, hence the loop I did). So either go very early, or wait until it dries out some.

Update: Since then, I have repeated this several times, including Jan 20, 2007 without snowshoes.

As of today, this is my favorite Boise-area hike. I wouldn't recommend the full loop described in this trip report, unless you're adventurous.. but the out-and-back is lovely. There are also a number of side trips to be made from the ridge, so you don't have to go all the way to Kepros to enjoy this hike.

This map shows where my "cow trail" starts. I think it's a nicer way to start than the normal trail that starts right on the pass. It also shows a preferred loop- not the one in this trip report. The one on the map actually follows a trail.


Kepros trailhead

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