Snowslide Peak


A beginning-of-summer ritual for us, Snowslide Peak is a good season opener.

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We've done this trip several times, and several times at the same time of year. It's becoming sort of a Platt family tradition:

The trip begins by parking at the trailhead to Golden Lake. Well, usually you can't drive all the way to the trailhead, but this year it was no problem.

Then you start up the Golden Lake trail. Well, it's sort of a trail. For those so inclined, this trip we took loppers and cut brush on much of the trail.

Art, Carol, George, and Patty started a little later than us. But they were moving fast, so they caught up with Jasmine and I. By the time we got to the lake, we were all together again, and ready for a snack.

Then it was time to be off again for the summit, but George and Richard turned around at the lake.

Above Golden, you head up the hillside in a northwesterly direction to attain the south ridge of Snowslide. In a normal year at this time, you'll mostly be on snow. Here Susan, Patty, Tom, and Mackenzie reach the saddle.

Our gang wandered around a bit to stay on dry ground as much as possible, because the snow was rotten and the multitude of melt-out holes promised to take your entire leg.



The view from the saddle, off to the east, is great. Chris was impressed with the view of Maki Lake. As an up-and-coming distance runner, he had no problem keeping up with whoever was leading at the moment.

The cousins, Jasmine and Mackenzie, also liked the view.

This year, we didn't get solid snow until we were actually on the ridge. If I'm sounding like the snow level is low, check out how this same shot looked just two years ago.

June 1, 2003

Patty didn't have a leash for her dogs, so she wisely turned around just short of the extremely cliffy summit. The rest of us scrambled up onto the summit rocks for family photos, then had a gourmet lunch, trying hard not to inadvertently share the goodies with the dogs.


Jasmine gives a big shoutout to her 6th grade teacher, Mr. Hampton (click on the pic to read the sign).

That's Sawtooth Peak in the background.

It was a beautiful, warm day. Unfortunately, it was warm enough to turn the snow so mushy that glissading did not work. and down low, there simply wasn't enough snow. But who's complaining?

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