This was a great snow year (well, average, but that seems pretty good!) and the snow was still in the high country in July. Summer was hot, but early fall was just right. In November, the fall seemed warm as we waited for snow.

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Mores Mountain, Idaho City SnoParks- ski touring January 20, 21 Art, Tegan
Copper Mountain skiing January 28, 29 Bob
Elkhorn yurt February 4-5 Lew, Mariel, Dylan
Banner Ridge February 11 Gordy
Avalanche safety class March 11 Art
Copper Mountain tele March 18 Bob, Tom, and Joel
Stolle Meadows ski tour March 27-29 Art, Carol, Dylan
Mount Hood April 20 Brian
Smoky Dome April 28-29 Lew
Grape Mtn and Krall Mtn May 13 me
Danskin Peak May 21 Julie and Jasmine
Mount Idaho and 11308 May 26-27 Big Dan, Craig, Sumit Dawg
Wheeler Peak, NM June 7-8 me
Iron Mountain June 11 Mariel and Dylan
Langer Peak and Roughneck Peak June 17-18 Jasmine and Julie
Jarbidge mountains June 23-25 Art and Carol; Julie, Jasmine
McCabe Peak July 1 Art, Scott, Randy, Cody
Black Tip Peak July 2 Art
Bruin Mtn and Peak July 8 me
Celebration of Life July 17-21 Brian, Jeep, Dave (Team AARP)
Goat Mountain July 30 Julie
Alpine Peak and Mount Regan August 5-6 Julie, Jasmine, Big Dan
Devil's Bedstead East August 19 me
Cramer Lakes backpack August 24-27 Harry & Carolyn, Jerry & Victoria, Julie, Jasmine, and Carissa
Slab Butte September 3 Art
IdahoSummits fall outing September 9 Big Dan, Aaron, George, Dave, John, Pat, Rob, Art
Rattlesnake Mountain September 17 Mariel
Slick Rock September 24 Big Dan
Patrick Butte September 30 Art, Carol
Beaverdam Peak October 1 Art
Squaw Creek hike October 8 Art, Julie
Washington Basin climbs October 14 Tom, Dan, Dave, & JJ
Honeycombs ride October 22 Art
Williams Peak yurt Octotber 28 Bob
Sturgill Peak November 18 Art
Packer John Peak November 25 Dave
Kepros Mountain December 9 Art, Dylan
Bennett Mountain December 17 Tom, Tom, Dan, Zach
Lucky Peak December 20 Art

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