Blackman Peak


Blackman Peak might be Idaho's easiest hike to stellar views.

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This was our anniversary outing for 2008. We've been married a lot of year (even longer in husband years). We try to get out every year:

Our goal this year was to briefly visit the summit of Blackman Peak on the way to Lonesome Peak. However, we really didn't know what sort of snow to expect, and NOAA had led us to expect a clear, cold morning followed by an afternoon with a chance of thundershowers.

Things were looking good when we rolled through Stanley at a little before 7am- 34 degrees and clear.

But when we got out of the car at the 4th of July lake trailhead, it was 46 degrees- not cold enough to freeze the snow. And there were some ominous-looking clouds floating around (although none in this picture of Blackman).

Blackman Peak

We started up the road to Blackman, taking our time to get warmed up. It was going to be a long day.

Road to Blackman Peak

There were a few wet spots, and a few patches of mushy snow, but mostly the road was dry. So it didn't take us long to reach the saddle and see the ridge to the summit.

SW ridge of Blackman Peak

As we climbed the ridge, our sunny day started to rapidly deteriorate.

Well, no immediate threat yet, so let's keep going.

Finally on snow

We got to the top in a little over 1:20, despite having to stop to install gaiters, etc. At first, it was quite warm, then the wind came up. Then it started to rain and graupel.

Yikes! Let's get off of here.

Tom looking into another gully

It wasn't our day to do Lonesome. The snow was occasionally OK, but also occasionally very soft, plunging me past my knees. We needed snowshoes. And the clouds didn't look friendly.

Of course, the sun immediately re-appeared, but we couldn't trust it, and the post holing needed a colder night, not more sunshine. So we called it a day. We'll call it a recon trip. Yeah, that's the ticket!

We headed down the east ridge of Blackman to the saddle, then headed cross-country for the trailhead.

Finally on snow

So the rest of this report is simply to show the snow in various areas.

This is Lonesome Peak, with couloirs calling out to me. Note the snow in the valley floor and still-frozen Born Lakes.


Lonesome Peak
4th of July Lake is also fully frozen. Fourth of July Lake


This is Castle Peak, with Patterson in the foreground.

Castle Peak

This is Imogene Peak, above and north of Farley Lake on the Alice/Twin/Toxaway loop.

Following is a Sawtooth panorama.


Imogene Peak


Sawtooth panorama


It was barely past noon when we got back to the car, so we decided to drive back through Hailey.

And Boulder Peak.

We took the scenic route over Croy Canyon to Fairfield. Very pretty.

When we got to Boise, the car thermometer said 100° - not a great day for snow climbing....

Boulder Peak

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