Beacon Rock, WA


We turn a technical rock climb into a casual hike.

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This was Day Six of the 2008 Celebration of Life.

After our looonnnnggggg dayon the Loowit Trail yesterday, we got up slow and then drove down the mountain to have breakfast in a restaurant. Then we drove down to the gorge and met Tara at Beacon Rock.

Beacon Rock is an old volcanic plug that has resisted erosion better than the surrounding area. As a result, it stand up like a sore thumb on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge about 15 miles below Hood River. It is about 700' tall, and a popular climbing spot. Brian had originally planned for us to ascend one of the routes, but I couldn't get my mind wrapped around the idea of shoving my aching feet into my rock shoes. So instead, we walked the trail. Note the stairs and ladders above my head here.

Scree traverse

It was sort of warm on the climb, but on top we found a nice breeze. We took a few goofy pictures, and I'll spare you the worst of those. Then we headed back to the car, and stopped at Stevenson to watch the windsurfers and kiteboarders. Then we said goodby to Brian until next year, with Tara heading north and Art and I heading south.

Scree traverse

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