Celebration of Life 2008


Our annual trip takes us around, and AROUND, Mt. St. Helens

The annual Celebration of Life is a tradition that I've followed for several years now. An explanation of the Celebration of Life explains what it is all about.

Past years

  • 2000 St. Helens and Adams
  • 2002 "Peak Week", 8 peaks
  • 2003 Elephant's Perch
  • 2005 Mt. Hood
  • 2006 Adams- St. Helens traverse
  • 2007 Warbonnet Peak

This year

We spent time in and around Mt. St. Helens. As you follow along, it may help to have a map of the area. However, the official map no longer shows all the trails (you'll see why). There are pics to come when Brian sends me his- I filled my camera:

  • July 20- drive to Brian's and MOPI (My Own Private Idaho) mountain bike ride
  • July 21- Whittier Peak, 5883', 24 miles, 5200' elevation (cumulative- in red below on right)
  • July 22- Willapa Bay, Long Island, and oyster feed. 8 miles.
  • July 23- Ape Canyon mountain bike ride (in blue below)
  • July 24- Loowit Trail around St. Helens. 32 miles, 7200' elevation (cumulative- in red below)
  • July 25- Beacon Rock hike
  • July 26- drive home

St. Helens aerial photo

Click for bigger version

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