Willapa Bay, WA



We paddle out to Long Island to see the big trees.

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This was Day Three of the 2008 Celebration of Life.

We began the day by driving the winding roads from Brian's home toward Willapa Bay. On the way, we stopped at a traditional coastal cafe for breakfast, where Art wa enthralled to discover an upcoming fork festival titled "Knee Deep in Finns." Then we headed out for the sea leg of our adventure.

After our big day yesterday on Mount Whittier, today was a rest day- we would only be walking 8 miles, with only a couple of hundred feet of elevation. The goal was to visit the big cedar trees on Long Island in Willapa bay, then find some oysters (at a store, not on the beach).

So in keeping with the idea that this was a rest day, this was the extent of our paddling..... that's the highway in the background, and I shot this from the island. The Tahiti inflatable had a weight limit of 400 pounds, so we had to make two runs to ferry the whole crew over. Art captained, yet we all made it safely.




Art and Brian on the trail

On the way, we ate some mushrooms that made us really small.

Scree traverse

This small thing could last another photo or two? They logged the island many years ago, but the cedar wood is resistant to rot.

Scree traverse
It may look like we were doing group stretching exercises, but really we were just considering how tall the trees are. Tall trees
Along the trail, there was some downfall that had been removed (funny- no one had removed the downfall on yesterday's hike). Art was fascinated with the rapid growth of trees here on the coast, and he compared the width of the growth rings to the size of his hand. Or is this still another effect of being small? Mayan Temple

After lunch in the big grove, we walked further up the island and then out to the western shore where we visited a campsite. After yesterday's heat, the cool breeze and the marine layer were quite welcome. Soft shoes, too.

When we got back to the car, we had more warm Schmidt and then visited Bayside where we scored some fresh oysters, visited the ocean outside the bay, and finally headed home for a feast in Brian's kitchen-less house. The rest was good because we had another busy day planned tomorrow at Ape Canyon.

Mayan Temple

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