The year is started out with some horrendous avalanche conditions. Then we had a lot of late-season snow that brought a dry year up to normal snow depths in late March. In March and April, we were focused on Denali. The summer turned out moist and cool. Then after a heavy snowfall in October, we had a dry fall/early winter. And I had a fabulous late fall with lots of fun snow climbs.

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Warm Springs Point January 3 Super Dave, John, George
Dickey Peak January 17 Tom
Squaw Butte January 31 Tom and Tom
Bogus backcountry February 15 Lew and Meg
Cervidae: kitty litter training March 1 Tom
Casino Peak March 14 Super Dave
Shaw Mountain / Lucky Peak March 21 Tom & Laurie, Tom & Susan
Snow camp March 28-29 Tom
McDonald Peak April 5 me
Garden Peak April 11 Tom, Tom, Brian
Peak 10941 April 12 Brian
Mt. Heinen April 19 Tom, Tom
Denali May 9-20 Tom Tom Club
South Hills:
Monument, Flatiron, and Trapper Peaks
June 14 Big Dan
Peak 11967 June 19 Michael
Smiley Mountain June 27 Zach
Council Mountain July 3 Super Dave, Julie
Granite Mountain, NV July 5 Julie, Jazz
Born Lakes July 11 Julie
Bear Pete Mtn and Point 7450 July 25-26 John, Julie
Sawtooth Triad: Alpen, Reward, and Packrat August 1-2 Tom
Castle Rock, OR August 8 Julie, Jazz
Jacqueline Peak August 14-15 Julie, Jazz, Mariel, and Eric
WCP Tour: WCP-6, WCP-5, WCP-7, WCP-8, Peak 10182 August 16-17 Super Dave
Mattingly Peak August 23 Tom
Backdrop and Baker Peaks August 29 Steve
Mt. Mills August 30 Steve
Payette Peak September 4 me
Sleeping Deer:
White Mountain, South Twin, and North Twin
September 6 Big Dan
Bald Mountain September 7 Big Dan
Mt. Sevy September 13 Sean
Celebration of Life:
Big Basin Peak, Grand Teton, Huh's Horn
September 16-20 Brian

Desert Solitaire:
Griffith Peak, Mount Charleston, and Mummy Mountain

September 25 me
Crystal Lake hike September 27 Dad, Tom, Uncle John, Art & Carol
Castle Rock (Idaho) October 3 Tom
Al West Peak October 10 IdahoSummits group:
Pat, Super Dave, Aaron, Big Dan, Steve, Margo, Michael, Eric
Trail Creek loop:
Peaks 10566, 10598, and 10525
November 1 Michael
Bad Rock Peak November 6 Super Dave, Sean, Tom
Antares Peak November 15 Michael, Scott
The Box November 21 Matt, Rob
The Cone November 28 Tom, Super Dave, John, George
Copper Mountain December 18 Bob an Tom
Squaw Butte December 20 Steve
Freeman Peak (YouTube movie by Ralph) December 24 Ralph
Cervidae on New Year's Eve December 31 Sean, Steve

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