2010 is starting out with low snow depths everywhere except Bogus. December's rotten snow never went away. But generally good weather.

Spring weather has been highly erratic, with cold temps and late snow (Bogus got 16" on May 22). So has my climbing, with me failing to get to about 4 of 6 summits in one period.

Fall was excellent, with nice dry weather. And then the big switch hit and we had snow in Boise the last week of November.

If you prefer pictorial representations, see the 2010 pictorial review.

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Kepros Peak January 16 Matt
Cuddy Mountain January 17 Michael
Freeman Peak ski January 24 Tom (Bro), Dave, Ralph, Chris, and Wes
Copper Mountain January 30 Little Bob
Copper traverse February 7 Little Bob, Ralph, Chris
Baldy-Cervidae traverse February 13 Sean
Malignant melanoma February 18 me
Chimney Point February 21 Dan, Zach
Guffey Butte February 23 Tom (M)
Abe's Armchair February 26 Little Bob, Michael, Dave
Boise Ridge ski tour March 14 Bob, Art
Dickey chute skiing March 24 Ralph
Pilot Peak powderkeg April 3 Lew
White Tanks Peak April 5 Julie
Johnstone Peak April 10 Mariel
Taylor Mountain April 16 SuperDave, Steve
Little and Big Sisters April 17 IdahoSummits group
Lone Peak, UT April 24 Tommy
Merritt Peak April 30-May 1 Little Bob
Copper Mountain May 9 Lew
Horseshoe Mountain May 15 SuperDave
Parks Peak May 22 Little Bob, Ralph, Chris, and Tom (Bro)
Snowslide Peak May 29 Art, Matt, and Dad
Scorpion Peak May 31 Michael
Timms Hill, WI June 7 Harry
Trek 100 June 12 me + 2500
Little Mac and McCaleb June 19 Michael
Fremont and Gannet Peak, WY June 21-25 Bob and Brian
Merritt Peak (again) July 2-3 Ralph
Couch Peak July 5  
Sacagawea Peak July 10 Sean
Celebration of Life
Mt. Adams and Baker
July 18-25 Brian, et al
South Sister August 2 Dad and family
Lonesome Peak loop August 7 Steve, Alex, Michael

Kings Peak and South Kings Peak, UT

August 15 Bob
Salzburger Spitzl August 22 Steve, Alex, Chris
Duncan's Peak August 28 Steve, Alex, Michael, Matt, Rob
Big Peak and Backdrop Peak August 29 Mariel
Sawtooth extravaganza:
Glenns, Benedict, Plummer, Everly, and Alpine Creek Lakes Peak
September 4-6 Art
El Capitan September 11 IdahoSummits group

Sun Valley weekend:
Kent, Murdock, Malory, and Grays peaks

September 17-19 Super Dave, Michael, Steve, Alex, Doug, Mariel and Eric
Grand Canyon R2R2R September 24-25 Tommy and Nick
Mt. Borah North Face October 1-2 Brian
McCall weeekend:
Buckhorn, Rapid, and Twin Peaks
October 9 Art, Bird
Idaho Bird Observatory October 17 Julie
Handwerk Peak West October 23 Sean
Peak 10129 October 28 Sean, Tom
Kelmer Peak loop
Peaks 10181, 10041, and 10166
November 6 Alex, Steve, Super Dave, and Mariel
McGown Twin November 11 Sean
Invisible Mountain November 18 Michael
Shaw Mountain November 27 Matt
Freeman Peak turns December 4 Erik and Tom
Collier Peak and Snowbank Mountain December 6 Tom, Erik, and Super Dave
Sunset Peak December 11 Ralph
Squaw Butte December 18 Matt
Cervidae December 31 Steve, Bob, Jacob, John, and Dylan

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