2010 Peak Pics


A pictorial review of the year

The selection of pictures here is limited to new peaks or routes only. If a trip entailed multiple peaks, only one picture is used here. Click on a picture to see the Trip Report (TR).
For a more comprehensive listing of my activities for the yer, see the 2010 Home Page.

Cuddy Mountain Chimney Point
Cuddy Chimney
Guffey Butte Abe's Armchair
Guffey Butte Abe's Armchair
Dickey Peak chutes Taylor Mountain
Dickey Chutes Taylor Mountain
Little and Big Sisters Lone Peak, UT
Little and Big Sisters Lone Peak
Merritt Peak Horseshoe Mountain
Merritt Peak Horseshoe Mountain
Scorpion Peak Timms Hill, WI
Scorpion Peak Timms Hill
McCaleb and Little Mac Gannett Peak, WY
McCaleb and Little Mac Gannett and Fremont
Merritt Peak Couch Mountain
Merritt Peak Couch Mtn
Sacagawea Peak Mount Adams, WA
Sacagawea Mt. Adams
Mount Baker, WA Lonesome Peak
Mt. Baker Lonesome Peak
Kings Peak, UT Salzburger Spitzl
Kings Peak Salzburger Spitzl
Duncan's Peak Big Mountain
Duncans Ridge Big Peak
Benedict Peak El Capitan
Benedict Peak El Capitan
Murdock and Malory Grand Canyon
Murdock & Mallorey Grand Canyon
Borah North Face Buckhorn, Rapid, and Twin Peaks
Borah North Face Twin, Rapid, and Buckhorn
Handwerk Peak Peak 10129
Handwerk Peak Peak 10129
Kelmer Peak McGown Twin Peak
Kelmer McGown Twin
Invisible Mountain Snowbank Mountain
Invis9ible Mtn Snowbank
Squaw Butte Cervidae
Squaw Butte Cervidae

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