Chimney Point


A wonderful ridge tour near Fairfield, Chimney Point is like a stadium seat for the Soldier range

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Dan had tried this peak a few weeks prior, but his trip report describes going solo in super soft snow. It's a long way in there, and it was too much.

So this time he got some trail breakers lined up and with some good weather was looking forward to a successful summit.

The picture shows the peak from just outside the trailhead parking area. We didn't have a thermometer, but guessed single digits?

Note that Dan had timed this out perfectly: we arrived at 8am so were off the snowmo track before any showed up, and snuck back to the car at 2pm while they were all up the hill somewhere.


We followed the snowmo road for a mile and change, from where we could better see the major elevation gain of the day.

Dan's sharp eyes noticed two teeny, tiny dots moving down the face of the high point here. His camera has 10x zoom, and using that we picked up what we think were two coyotes. Later, we spotted some sort of kill down in a ravine, so figured out why they were up there. We saw some nature!

Hwy 21

Now, back to our climb. The initial effort is pretty steep, something near 30 degrees. But at least the snow was better this time, and the team were fresh.


After the big grunt up to the ridge, the terrain moderates. At the same time, the views become awesome.

Somewhere back in those trees we stopped for a bite to eat. When the wind was calm, which was a lot of the time, it was actually quite comfortable.

Fresh snow on the ridge

The ridge has a few ups and downs, but really not bad. I was surprised to see aspen up here. I would guess this must be really pretty in the spring. It definitely is in the winter.

Dowhill postholing
And then we could finally see the upper mountain. At least temporarily. The clouds you see near the top were actually ON the top, and once up there the visibility would come and go. Uphill postholing
Here's looking back at the long traverse across the lower, right-hand bump in the picture above. Uphill postholing
This is more or less our route. Uphill postholing

As the clouds moved in and out, we got some sunshine on the summit. It was just before noon.

We saw our only snomos for the ay from the top of the peak. Unfortunately, they overran our tracks on their way down, and surprisingly the snomo tracks were softer than our own snowshoe tracks.

Uphill postholing

On the drive home, we saw a curious gathering of "birds" on the horizon. When we got closer, there were probably between 30 and 40 kite-boarders. We agreed that it's time to hang up the snowshoes and quit hiking: this looks really cool.

PS- Happy Birthday, Zach!

Zach's trip report (with link to pictures)

Big Dan's trip report at

Uphill postholing

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