Couch Peak


A quiet day in the eastern Soldiers.

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I was looking for an easy peak, something not too far from Boise and an easy walk. I found Couch Peak on Dan's trip report fit the bill.

I took the girls, and Jazz invited a friend. We left town at 7:30, and were walking shortly after 9:30. The dirt road to Wells Summit is well-maintained, so any car could drive up it.


Wells Summit

We got out of the car, walked across a cattle guard, and turned left up an obvious path. If you can't read the signs, the one on the left says "Road Closed" and the one on the right says "No Motor Vehicles." Apparently Idaho's ATV and motorcycle riders can't read, or else they aren't aware that they are motor vehicles. This was once a trail.

No Motor Vehicle signs

The first section of the old "trail" goes up steeply until it gains the ridge top. At this point, Jazz's buddy bailed after only one mile. sigh. The lack of physical fitness of kids today is a whole other rant that I will leave for another time and place.

The little bump on the left is the summit of Couch Peak.


The mountain

The trail stays mainly on the ridgetop for great views and a welcome breeze. The wildflowers were doing great... until the ATVs ran them down. Unfortunately, the ATVs shredded all the way to the summit, tearing up the tread, leaving loose rubble where there had once been a nice single-track trail. And of course, mashing vegetation.

ATVs do not belong in the backcountry. If you can't go without leaving a trace, you should not go at all.

ATV scars

MOre ATV scars, but if you ignore them you get great views of the Soldiers. Still a little snow left.

Soldier Mountains

On the left, Big Peak. That thing is in the middle of nowhere. Gotta go check it out. Any takers?

Big Peak
Summit. There is a weather station on top. Didn't see a register. This is looking toward the town of Fairfield. Summit

There are other views to be had as well. Steele Mountain. Baker. Some unidentifiable Boulder range summits. And the Pioneers, with Goat on the left. Turns, anyone?

Goat Mountain

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