Johnstone Peak



As the ski season winds down, I run up to Hailey to visit my daughter.

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Note: I'd done this peak on snowshoes before, so here's that trip report in February.

On Thursday I had done a fast lap on the steep side of Cervidae that left me sore. So when I got out of the car in Hailey on Friday afternoon, it hurt. As soon as Mariel got off work, we hiked up Carbonate (me for the first time, her for the 100 millionth). Thankfully, this fresh suffering loosened me up some.

Bottom of the ridge

After a social evening with Mariel and Eric and a Thailand slide show, we hit the sack for what was supposed to be an early start Saturday. Instead, it was casual. We stopped at Hailey Coffee for the traditional breakfast burrito (in the pack for lunch) and BFL. Finally, we were on our feet right at 8:30.

Our ascent ridge is on the far right and looking pretty sagebrushy.

Bottom of the ridge

It was 22°, but no wind. You can see the snow is melting off, despite the recent spring storms that have rolled through Idaho.


We made fast time on the lower sections. The snow in the valley bottom fully supported us in just boots. Higher up, we put on snowshoes and were only sinking in an inch or two.

Mariel on the ridge

We ran into intermittent sagebrush in the mid-section, and had to do a detour to stay on or near snow at the steep step of the ridge.

Above that, the snow became more wind-affected and occasionally let us sink in 4-6 inches.

Pioneer views

Nonetheless, we summitted at 11:45. Slight breeze. Our blue sky was being overwhelmed by high clouds and haze. We had a lengthy picnic lunch, then headed down. Despite the softening snow and snow crust, we got back to the car about 2:45 for a 6.25-hour round trip.

When we got back to Hailey, Mariel was off to watch the end of the tandem tele races, and I was in the car headed back to Boise.

The picture below shows Corral Creek and the approach of Spring.

Summit splattski
Corral Creek

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