A warning about skin cancer

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Many of the people I have climbed with have either read about or heard about the Celebration of Life, an annual event in which I sometimes participate with my good friend Physician's Assistant Brian Mahon. The point of the Celebration is to raise awareness of men's cancer. You can read the full story behind it here.

Through my association and friendship with Brian, I learned a lot about cancer. Fortunately, I learned the ABCDs of skin cancer detection, because in my annual physical I asked my doc Dr. Tolman about a suspicious mole on my shoulder (and as Brian would point out if he was here, it didn't look anything like Cindy Crawford's mole). Doc Tolman removed the mole the next day and the biopsy report came back that afternoon: malignant melanoma.

So about a week later I had an appointment with Dr. Mings, a dermatologist in Boise, who did a more complete skin removal. Fortunately for me, we caught it really early and it is 100% gone. And chicks dig scars.

I'm not normally one to share this kind of thing, but if it can save you some grief, my shirt is off. The moral of the story: Learn how to take care of yourself and then do so.

In addition, you might consider helping Brian spread the word- either by telling the Celebration story (and if you have one, add your personal tale), or helping directly. Check out Brian's FREE manual and send one to a friend.

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