Timms Hill, Wisconsin




We take a slight detour to bag the state highpoint of Wisconsin.

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I had been in the Chequamagon area of Wisconsin over the weekend, helping schlep gear for theCAMBA Festival of the Trails. I also did some riding- very fun area to pedal. After drying tents, etc. on Monday, we headed south for Madison. About 10 miles from the house a bear ran across the road in front of us. So combined with the many ticks we saw, it was a wildlife weekend.

The weather was looking a bit questionable. Especially considering the beta I had gathered: there are two towers on Timms Hill, and it was looking like this might not be the day to be on the metal one. As we headed south toward the gathering storm, we finally got a view of the ridge complex that contained our peak. That's it directly above the yellow line.

Taylor Mountain

Instead of taking our normal route south, we detoured slightly to go through Ogema, Wisconsin, the gateway to Timms Hill State Park. And they take that seriously around here.

Bottom of the ridge

The peak is inside a state park. Very nice facilities, you can get any type of vehicle up the paved road, and the trailhead is well marked.

Sunny days

The approach was a little less rugged than what one finds in Idaho. But we could feel the altitude and our legs really felt the 300' gain.

Hiking through snow
I think the measured summit is about where I was standing, but we went the extra mile and climbed the fire tower, all 88 steps. Harry is leaning out from one of the upper landings.
Rocky ridge
We had stayed past our turnaround time, so we did not summit until after 6. Knowing that it might take us as much as 10 minutes to get back to the car, we didn't stay long.
Summit splattski

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