White Tanks Peak, Arizona



Julie interrupts her tanning for a fun hike.

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The White Tanks and radio towers as seen from the west Phoenix valley floor. Julie hiked the Goat CampTrail, acompanied by lots of ground squirrels, snakes, bees, and lizards.

Bottom of the ridge

Trailhead has giant posters about becoming dinner for mountain lion. I'm off to a nervous start since I'm the only person there.

Note from editor: Compare the cougar sign to this bear sign.

Bottom of the ridge

The desert was in amazing form!



Mariel on the ridge

I'm headed up there to those ugly towers, a long way off.

Pioneer views
Interesting combination of volcanic and granite rock. Brittlebush blooming everywhere.
Summit splattski
The towers from less of a distance, but still a long way off. Summit splattski
The trail got a lot rockier and harder, I was wishing for my good boots. Summit splattski
And the trail got steeper... Summit splattski
A little bird down in one of the 'tanks'. Summit splattski
Now bushwacking up a ridge to the forbidden towers, which are much closer now but still a long way off. I thought I saw someone in a building on top but kept going. Summit splattski
The true summit is that point way over there in the background, and about 100 ft. higher. Too far for this day... Summit splattski
I was happy to make it up here, although the look on my face tells the whole story (a little worried, a little weirded out). The men were working on towers behind huge 10' fences, which I suspect were connected to Luke Air Force Base. They came out to find out what I was doing and probably run me off the top. I scampered off the side and pretended I didn't see them. I hustled all the way back to the car without seeing anyone. Summit splattski

I stopped and took a happier summit shot a bit off the top- hard to believe the valley below has almost 5 million people and I was the only one one up in this beautiful canyon that day...

Summit splattski

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