Danskin Peak


A stormy day keeps us close to home, but it's a win-win when you get to climb Danskin Peak on a nice day.

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I had gone the entire summer without a trip with Steve. So we decided to brave the stormy weather, fresh snow , and possible gumbo and drive up to try Danskin Peak. I had done this hike in the opposite direction with Julie and Jazz in 2006.

The last time, the hardest part was figuring out the drive. This time Steve and I nailed it without a single wrong turn. So we were walking at about 9:30 ("new" time).

It didn't take us long to work our way across the flats and over a couple ridges. Had we been using a map, it would have been shorter. But we were enjoying just wandering about the valley and catching up, plus the views were great. That's our summit more or less in the middle of the picture. Our peak

Then we left the road and started grinding up some steeper terrain.

Low on the ridge

We kept a steady pace and were still gaining about 1000/hour when we gained the top of the ridge. Only 500' to go, but after this easy section, not on straight-forward terrain.

On top of the ridge

This section of ridge has a series of towers. We joked about how they looked like teeth with bad hygiene. And we were flossing them.

Flossing the teeth

Here's Steve trying to impress the dentist.


After working our way through the slippery talus surrounding the rocks, we made it to the road in a cloud. Fortunately, that cloud blew through so that when we got to the summit we could see down into the South Fork.

We had lunch on the deck of the lookout, then started down the other ridge while the fog was up. We wanted to make sure we were going down the right ridge. Lookout

Lucky for us, the clouds continued to open and soon we were stripping off layers in the sunshine.

We continued down the ridge in sun and were hatless and gloveless by the time we got back to the car. Great day!


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