Goose Creek Falls

An afternoon McCall hike to a big waterfall

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Brian and I had been doing crevasse rescue with a huge cabinet at the cabin, but now it was time for a hike. Dad joined us and we drove to Last Chance campground, part way to New meadows.

Dad knew the trail, so we put him out front, despite his tendency to walk too fast for us.


We saw another couple, but otherwise had the trail to ourselves. Only Brian and I wanted to do the scramble to the bottom of the falls for this awesome viewpoint.

Brian took over the photog duties to get this one of father and son. I'm going to have to get my soul patch going again....

Mustang route

Then it was back to the car. Again, 81-year-old Dad was leaving us in the dust.


Here's Goose Creek in a more placid mood. Lots of water for September, but it IS a pretty good-sized drainage.


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