Petros Peak

We get rejected by Saint Peter in a storm.

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I had spotted this line on a much nicer day in January 2009, when my brother and I were on Dickey Peak. On that day there were warm-weather avalanches, but it looked like if we stayed on the rib it would be a safe route.

Toe of the ridge

Back to the present- Dave had the day off, as did Sean. Despite a less than promising weather prediction, we were off to give it a go (NOAA spot forecast was 60% POP, snow showers likely, winds 22-25mph with gusts to 36, temps 22-30°).

This is what it looked like from the speeding car at about 8am. Hey- blue sky!


It took us a while to find our way up Gooseberry Creek road. The road is obvious, but as we got above about 6500', the snow drifts started in. They were very shallow, but we opted to avoid the possibility (likelihood?) of afternoon digging Dave's rig out and instead started walking. In about a week, the road should be clear for another two miles or so.

Instead, here we are about three miles from the car. Weather going south. We had made it to the big tree without snowshoes.


Looking the other direction, here is where we were now slow shoeing: the ridge on the right.


Snowshoeing through the trees in a storm was not terribly photogenic. And the crusty snow was a lot of work. So not too many photos.

Here we are at about 9300', near the top of the trees.

Upper ridge

When we got above the trees, our ridge/rib became pretty faint. In the very low visibility, it was hard to tell exactly where it was. And we couldn't see 50 feet above us to see what might be in our way.

On the other hand, the snow seemed better up here and it was fairly thin: we could occasionally see grass and the odd sagebrush sticking through.

But it was after noon, we were only at 9800', and with the howling wind our tracks (and safe path back) were going to quickly become lost. All things considered, it was time to turn around. In case you couldn't tell, this picture shows the trees just below us and our route back down the rib.


Route map (approximate)

Note: In the first picture of the day (not the one from Dickey), I marked our approximate highpoint of 9800'.


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