Peak 8300

Despite a cloudy day, we get great views in the Soldiers.

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Dan tried to find a few more for this Sunday outing, but the threat of bad weather scared them off. Dan and I had to persevere on our own, despite the inclement conditions.

Here's Dan about two hours after leaving Boise.

Toe of the ridge

After just a short bit of climbing, we gained a great view of the Soldiers: First, Second, Third, and Smoky Dome. I had traversed that ridge with Lew in April of '06.


As we got higher, the threat of bad weather became more obvious. This is looking back toward Soldier Mtn Ski Area and Fairfield.

Down the ridge

We couldn't see our objective until we had climbed about 1000'.

Peak 8300

Another thousand feet done, only 300 to go.

Note the careful placement of snowshoes.

Upper ridge

The final bit to the top was very cool looking.


And from there, everything else was looking pretty good. Soldiers behind us.

This one is for Ralph. Pioneers
And off on the horizon, the Pioneers. Too bad the clouds were so thick. Pioneers

Although we had walked all the way to the summit and most of the way back without snowshoes, as the day wore on it warmed up and we got to have a little extra fun on the descent.


Dan's trip report

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