Snowslide Lake


A break in home remodeling gives us a fresh perspective.

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We've been spedning our free time doing a major home remodel project in McCall. We are finally at a point where we can afford to take some time to enjoy the place (and at the same time we can no longer afford more remodeling materials). So today we decided to hike up to Snowslide Lake. Julie hadn't done this one since we hiked Sawtooth Peak in 2001.

Road view

Things are very, very green up here right now. Julie was amazed by the profusion of wildflowers.


So a lot of our hiking looked sort of like this.

Lower ridge

Monk's hood. Great name.

Time for snowshoes

There is still snow at the lake in August. Matt, that is Snowslide Peak's big cliff. And why we stayed away from the dropoff.

OK, that's enough fun. Time to get back to work.

Steep section

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