Stack Rock


A nostalgic hike out to Stack Rock on Gordy's birthday.

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It was Gordy's birthday and he chose hiking out to Stack Rock. Birthday Boy rules!

I've done many outings with Gordy on his birthday, which is easy to say because he has had a lot of them.

I picked him up at 8 and after spinning out a couple times in the ice on Windy Ridge (and Gord looking a little nervous), we parked at the pullout at the beginining of the Traverse on Bogus Road.


The bottom of Dry Creek was really cold, but when we neared the saddle between Stack and Wilderness Ridge we hit the sun. Time to shed a layer.


Instead of bushwacking the ridge top, we chose to follow the old road and talk about the many times we had each skied this back in the Pleistocene. And then there was Stack, peeking through the trees.

Final approach

And the view just before cold fingers grasped tightly to rough granite.

Stack Rock

It's an interesting scramble. It had been so long... neither of us could remember if you can get up this thing without a rope.

Class 3

At about 2/3 height, Gord decided that he wanted to have more birthdays so this was high enough. I went a little higher, but that ended in an alcove just below the summit. I could see two possibilities, but bifocals and overhangs don't mix on descent. As I backed slowly and carefully back down, I heard Gord call questioningly....

Yeah, I'm still alive and heading your way. Pass the tea, birthday boy.



Birthday tea
Over the millenia, I had forgotten how scenic Stack Rock is, and also how good the rock is.
Shafer Butte
We were above the trees as we sipped and discussed life. That's Bogus. Needs a bit of snow. Funny, though- based on the traffic on the road, I think they were holding lessons on the Coach chair, because it's in the shade and they have been making snow.
Shafer Butte

On the way down we left the trail and did a freestyle bushwack to take in more scenery. Gord, I love your adventurous spirit.

After a bit, we could see the truck parked across the canyon. Where is that zip line?


This is a rough approximation of our route on the way in.

Go do it!


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