Brundage Mountain


Early season snowshoe up Brundage Mountain.

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Another Saturday morning. The BSU game starts at 1:30. What to do?

Jeff responded to my e-mail and picked me up 40 minutes later. He spent the whole summer riding his bike, so couldn't figure out why one pole was longer than the other. The dogs look similarly puzzled.

Jeff gets ready

Although the prediction wasn't that great, it didn't look that bad from the parking lot.


We followed some ski tracks up the run. We briefly discussed etiquette regarding snowshoeing on the ski tracks, but Jeff pointed out that the dogs were going to walk in the ski tracks no matter what.

Some brush

We made good time up the hill. AT the ski patrol lodge, we had a drink, ate a snack, and turned back to the car.

Summit hut

Front moving in....

Meadows valley

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