Mount Greylock, Massachusetts


We climb the high point of Massachusetts on a quiet fall day.

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Big Tom was once an employee of mine, and we have stayed in touch over the years. He lives on the East coast and I on the west, so when we get together we always try to show off our area. Since I showed Tom to the top of Washington earlier this summer, he showed me to the top of Massachusetts, Mount Greylock.

The trail starts through some woods with ancient stone fences running through the trees. Think Robert Frost. Except this is the path taken.


Walking through the thick woods, you can't see much. No matter- we had some catching up to do and it felt good to do the traditional testing back and forth of old partners.

But there were things to look at, like this gorgeous little pond.


Although it's very pretty, this isn't what one would call a 'pristine' summit. The big building is some sort of relay station. Sending MTV directly into homes. Progress. Radio tower
Some gang punk had vandalized this rock. Thoreau

When you reach the top, there is no point in building a cairn here. Someone beat you to it.

I joke about this, but it's really a very pretty summit, despite the paved roads and parking lot.

It's also on the AT.


It also has evidence of the dreadful things that happen from socialist programs like the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps, look it up).


I'm not sure, but on a clear day you might be able to see the Atlantic.

We grabbed some lunch from the lodge and watched the raptors catch thermals. Very relaxing.

On the way back, we picked up a side trail to do a loop. This was a smaller trail and included a rock hop across a clear stream.
Creek crossing

And then we were back at the car. judging by the size of the parking area, this place is probably very popular on an August weekend.

OK, lock and load. Time to head for the airport (smelly hiking clothes and all).


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