Loon Lake


Visiting the bomber is the bomb

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Years ago, I rode into Loon Lake via the Willow Basket trail with my brother, Tom. But we had some sort of family function to get back to, so we were all business- crack the whip, no resting, and pace line back up the road to the car. No bomber.

So when Mariel (yes, the logo on her sleeve does say 'Bomber') invited me to join her along with her friend Katy, I was totally game.

The trail starts by climbing through rolling hills in a burn area.

Mariel surveys the burn

It was really fun riding, although this summer has been unusually dry so the trail did have some 'poofer dust.' Here Katy sails through it all.


Katy on the trail

Here we are at the intersection with the Willow Basket trail.

After you join the main trail, you soon get to the lake. Unfortunately, it was pretty smoky.

Loon Lake
I tried to ride the outlet, but the girls were smarter and rock-hopped instead. Outlet to Loon Lake
It takes about 30 minutes of soggy hiking to get around the lake to the bomber site. Worth the walk, though. Bomber
The sign tells the story of the crash. Sign
And then it was time to roll because the girls had plans to soak at Burgdorf. The trail down Loon Creek was really fun, and the rolling trail back up the Secesh was really scenic and fun. Here's Mariel enjoying the Secesh.

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