Memorial Bridge


A bit of Platt family history.

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I had to be in Connecticut on business, so afterwards I swung down to Milford to visit the Memorial Bridge. The bridge commemorates the founding fathers of New Haven, and then Milford. This is my great (times x) grandfather, Richard Platt, who came to America in 1632. 'DEA' stand for Deacon.

The two panoramas below show the south view and north view of the bridge, and all the stones. The original stones were for the founding fathers. Somehow, other names were added. I'm not up on the entire story, and we had to get Jon to the airport so unfortunately didn't visit the family historian to get the full scoop.

Richard Platt
Looking south
Looking north
This is the eastern cornerstone. East cornerstone
And the western cornerstone, with Richard Platt's stone just behind. west cornerstone

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