Peak 10027


A long explore into a new drainage, we just miss the summit of Peak 10027

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Although the avy warnings were easing, today was supposed to be very warm. So the snow was going to be weird. And possibly a concern due to the heat.

Bob and Ralph decided to take my recommendation on a tour into Cabin Creek and an attempt on Peak 10027. We parked at the Alturas Lake cross county trails and used the trails to get across the river.


Then we skied the snomo road until it was time to head up Cabin Creek.


Crossing the highway

We stayed on the sunny side of the canyon, enjoying the sunshine and views in the open terrain.

Looking into the basin

After a few hours of climbing and light bushwacking, we arrived at Lake 8960.

The basin, as shown in the panorama below, was stunning. We plopped down and had a bite to eat while we discussed the skiing potential of the area.

Then we headed for the saddle on the right.

In the basin

Here's Ralph and Bob angling up the headwall to the saddle. Note the steep slope on the right: that's the east face.

Traverse into the saddle
From the saddle, we started skiing up the ridge. But then switched to boots to better deal with the steep terrain and weird snow conditions. Booting

At the top of the booter, the altimeter said less then 200 feet to the summit. But the going got difficult; it was a combination of tricky scrambling in ski boots and unsupportive snow. Bob and Ralph were way more interested in turns than bagging the top. On the other hand, I didn't feel comfortable with the ski. I found climbing this stuff in my tele boots very slow and clumsy and wasn't sure if the summit was 5 minutes or 30. So to avoid causing a huge delay, I started hiking back down. I thought for sure that Bob and Ralph would be waiting for me at the bottom and didn't want to be the holdup.

Summit ridge

So I booted down to solid snow, then put on my skis, hurrying along to the saddle to try to get some photos. They weren't yet moving, so then I skied to the bottom of the basin. And waited some more. As it turned out, I had to wait quite a while for them. When they had started the tranny to skis, Bob discovered that his splitboard bindings were set for a different pair of boots. So looking back, I had plenty of time for a summit. sigh.

But it was fun watching them do the ski. If you click on the photo, you can see their tracks in the bigger version.

Tracks on the face

And then it was time to head home. As we descended, it got warmer and warmer until the slush went rotten in the bottom of the valley. The clouds moved in, and we ended up back at the car at about 4PM for a hard, long eight-hour trip.

I'll have to head back up into this beautiful basin next summer.

Heading home

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